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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Romantic English Garden Wedding Gown, A Bridal Gown Laced with Meaning

"Then gather a wreath from the garden bowers,
And tell the wish of thy heart in flowers."
The inspiration of creation of this uniquely lovely English Garden gown
 was a piece of elegant vintage embroidery that I acquired from England

I'm finding that English embroidery is made with  a level of excellence 
and attention to detail that I have fast fallen in love with. 
The care and love that has gone into every stitch
 of embroidery is quite evident.

I wanted to be able to include as much of the beautiful floral handwork
 in the design of the gown as possible.
I was ecstatic to be able to piece together the colorful garden
 in such a way as to include all the beautiful flowers.  

This garden includes: Irises, Daises, Forget-Me-Nots,
 Violets, Marigolds,
Hyacinths and Hollyhocks.
On the back of the corset 
I have inlaid some of the garden flowers 
and surrounded them with various laces. 
One side also has a lovely M monogram.

Ribbon corseting through lace on the back  and 
Dripping vintage lace around the edges 
elegantly finish this corset.
The skirt I created to compliment this corset 
includes an accent of vintage linen and lace 
with a beautiful M monogram 
and is finished with bridal lace on the edges.
Truly a lavishly elegant and unique gown
 for the bride who is looking for a gown 
that reflects who she is.
I love that this gown is covered in the  language of flowers giving it a beautiful depth of meaning!

The meaning of the Iris is  royalty, faith, wisdom, hope and valor
Daises symbolize innocence, purity, new beginnings, true love and trust.
Forget- me -nots symbolize true and undying love and loyalty.
Violets symbolize humility.
Marigolds symbolize cheerfulness, beauty and warmth.
orHyacinth symbolizes constancy and sincerity.
Hollyhocks are associated with majesty and fruitfulness, tenacity and safety.

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The Language of Flowers 

In Eastern lands they talk in flow'rs
And they tell in a garland their loves and cares;
Each blossom that blooms in their garden bowr's,
On its leaves a mystic language bears.
The rose is a sign of joy and love,
Young blushing love in its earliest dawn,
And the mildness that suits the gentle dove,
From the myrtle's snowy flow'rs is drawn.
Innocence gleams in the lily's bell,
Pure as the heart in its native heaven.
Fame's bright star and glory's swell
By the glossy leaf of the bay are given.
The silent, soft and humble heart,
In the violet's hidden sweetness breathes,
And the tender soul that cannot part,
In a twine of evergreen fondly wreathes.
The cypress that daily shades the grave,
Is sorrow that moans her bitter lot,
And faith that a thousand ills can brave,
Speaks in thy blue leaves "forget-me-not".
Then gather a wreath from the garden bowers,
And tell the wish of thy heart in flowers.

                                                     Christine Dibble Photography

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