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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Naming My Wedding Gowns, Honoring the Ladies in My Life

                                  Once I had a small collection of gowns accomplished,
                                       it occurred to me I probably should name them.

Listing them all as "Vintage Lace Wedding Gowns" would not only be confusing for ladies looking at them, it didn't seem complete.

I considered naming them after flowers, roses particularly.
My dresses aren't roses though, so that didn't seem right.

Then I considered naming them after types of laces;
I researched that a bit, but that seemed too general.
So I prayerfully asked,
"How shall I name them?"
         Then as I quieted myself,
                   that sweet sound that
                          whispers to my heart said......

                       " You know so many heroic, inspirational, beautiful women;
                        you would never run out of names if you named your dresses
                                                       in honor of them."

So my mind filled with the beautiful smiles and memories of women in my life who have truly had effect on me. My mom, of course, aunts, my daughters and daughter -in-law, friends and authors who have written books that have changed me.

These ladies in my life have spoken lovely truth to me through their words and actions. I've seen these ladies through joyous times, and painful times. Everyone of them chooses joy. Every one of them chooses compassion. Everyone of them chooses honor. Everyone of them fights for love.
Honoring them by naming a wedding gown for each of them is just a small way to say,

                                                               "Thank you"
                                 for choosing to be a lady, and treating others with dignity.

                                           When I typed in the Name for the first time,

                                           Lady simply came first. I'll tell you why.

I believe with all my heart, that every little girl born on the face of this planet, is meant to become a lady.  She's meant to have honor and dignity and respect. Our world, circumstances and personal choices being less than perfect, often steal that title , so that very few realize they truly are Ladies.

So often, little girls are unable to understand the world and adults around them,
and so believe a lie, that they are unworthy, unloved or unimportant.
They grow up, and don't even realize they believe this lie.
They grow up and don't realize they are Ladies.

It took me a long time to realize I was making grown up choices,
from a belief system that this little girl had bought into.
I'm grateful for the grace that opened my eyes to see the truth,
that I have value and honor and I could chose to walk and talk
and live life as  a Lady.

And so, my hope is that every bride who wears one of my gowns will know, without a doubt , she is a Lady. And that each of these ladies will choose to impart that truth to every other lady they know, with their words and their actions.

                             My hope is that little girls all over this world will know the truth,
                                              that they have dignity and are beautiful.
                              That's why I'm committed to giving ten percent of the profit
                                                from my gowns to Destiny Rescue ,
                                 an organization that rescues children from human trafficking.

                                      Photos courtesy of Christine Dibble Photography

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