Alternative Wedding Gowns created with vintage lace and fabrics. A portion of the proceeds are given to Destiny Rescue to rescue children from human trafficking.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Romance of My Gowns, Unique Wedding Gowns with a Story

Whether you are considering purchasing one of my wedding gowns , or are just curious about my process, I’m thankful you’re taking a moment to read this story. I hope you’ll be glad you did.

When I decided to start my Etsy business, I prayerfully asked, “What is this suppose to be about? Why I am doing this? How should I do this?”  I imagined, and created and waited for some insight. Quietly, the sweetest answer came, “Make it beautiful. Make it meaningful.”
Those  words have guided me since.

My children know , as we go through our day, driving to a ball game or gymnastics, if there is a second hand store, an estate sale , or a sign that might have a remote possibility of leading us to vintage lace or linens, we will find our way to it. I love being able to help support our local community by purchasing many of the fabrics and laces I use from them. One store in particular is run by our local school, which 
means my dresses are helping with the education of the children in my community. My gowns are lovingly and peacefully created one at a time here in my home on a mountain top.

I often see life in metaphors. When I find pieces, I‘m as excited as if I’d come upon a secret treasure. Most times, the pieces need some love and care, soaking, washing, airing and ironing. Someone else might not see their value, but I do. 

I see treasure. 

Sitting on a shelf, or buried in a basket, they seem to call to my heart, “Save me! I’m still beautiful, I just need a little of your hard work..... your heart work. I’m still useful. I still have worth.” 

When I hold a piece of crocheted lace, or  embroidered linen, or pull and tie work, I see my mother’s hands, my grandmother’s hands and million other hands diligently creating beauty. 
I know the heart of that work. 
I know the simple truth that every woman who has worked on these pieces desires to create beauty in the everyday simplicity of life. While the world rages on, seemingly out of control sometimes, in their space, they will share beauty. On the tables where they serve you, with the kerchiefs that wipe your tears, on the pillow that you peacefully lay your head, these women desire with all their hearts to wrap it all up with beauty. So they find a way to embellish life.

I take all this beauty, all this heart work, and carefully and reverently, wash, line dry, iron, design, cut  and puzzle it all together to create a dress that is a poem. A poem that the bride who wears one of my designs will understand. When she walks down the aisle, or through the meadow or across the sand to her man, she knows that finding each other was the treasure hunt of their lives! Others may have overlooked or passed by this treasure, not seeing the value, but they have become rich! 

She is adorned in the hope of making each day beautiful, every meal, every night, every tear and every smile. She is wrapped up in the beautiful promise of puzzling together their lives, and believing the truth, that love is the greatest treasure.

“Save me! I’m still beautiful. I still have worth, ” calls to my heart in another way. Ten percent of the profits from my gowns goes to an organization who rescues children from the horrors of human trafficking. I feel passionately about somehow helping rescue these children. Just like the forgotten treasures I find to create meaningful gowns, these children deserve to be found; to be washed;to be cared for and given a chance at a beautiful new life. I hope that the bride who choses one of my wedding gowns, will be not only be blessed to feel poetically romantic and radiantly beautiful in her unique wedding gown, but she also will know that the beauty of helping those in need whenever life presents a choice to do so, is both beautiful and meaningful.

I hope that this story sings to your heart and you are inspired to ........

“Make your wedding beautiful ......
make it meaningful.”

Photo: courtesy of Christine Dibble Photography

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