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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Finding the PERFECT Wedding Gown for your Rustic Wedding

You've found a wonderful rustic venue that is simply charming.

You've been charmed by the fact that it is beautiful, simple and unpretentious. It's probably owned by a couple or a family, not a big corporation. It was most likely built by the family or the local contractor. And it is possibly cared for by friends or family, or someone that the owner knows on a personal level.

And you are charmed.

You can envision your guests, those people who wish the very best for the two of you, enjoying this day in a real way. Taking in the natural surroundings as they witness your promises, your hope is for all to enjoy a uniquely romantic experience.

The men are happy there will be no tuxedos, and they get to truly enjoy the day without feeling restricted. The guests will wear something special, but will appreciate the comfort of the day.

And then there is you....

                             The bride .....

                                     The romantic rustic bride.

Your dress should communicate the depths of your heart.
Part of which means that all the thought that  has gone into choosing to have a rustic wedding,
the simplicity, the charm and the uniqueness of the day, should be reflected in your choice.

My goal is to provide gown choices for brides who want to choose their dress the same way they are choosing their venue,
and ultimately choosing to live life.


Charming .


They don't want to look like the model on the  bridal magazine at the grocery store,
they want to look like themselves.

Uniquely beautiful , living their own beautifully unique life.

I provide one of kind hand made wedding dresses that are lovingly and prayerfully made by me, here in the US. I use rustic vintage fabrics and laces to create these wedding gowns, because I firmly believe in upcycling and repurposing whenever possible.

Great care and love go into creating each dress.

When you wear one of my wedding dresses
you are not putting on a conveyor belt, factory made gown.

You are clothing yourself in blessings and beauty and meaning.

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