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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Easy Recipe for Preparing Pumpkin, Ready for Autumn Baking

Once you've tasted freshly cooked pumpkin,  Chances are you won't ever purchase a can of pumpkin again.  It's just too pumpkinny yummy.  I usually bake  at least a couple each season and freeze in 2 cup batches to be used in pie,  cake,  raviolis or just to warm up with some butter and spices for breakfast.

(Visiting our favorite pumpkin patch at Indigeny Reserve. This property is an elegantly restored apple ranch that is becoming famous for it's ciders and spirits. It's a wonderful weekend destination.)

I chose a morning or evening when I'd like cozy up and  warm the kitchen, 
and simply cut a pumpkin up into chunks . 

Removing the seeds,  I then  lay the pieces out on baking sheets 
and bake at 325 for 1-2 hours depending on how dense the squash is. 

Once the pumpkin has cooled,  the skin can easily be removed,  the meat smashed,  and any liquid can be drained off or spooned out. Running it through the food processor obtains a lovely consistency ready for a myriad of recipes, like one of our absolute favorites, Cinderella Pumpkin Cake!

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