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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wash Day, Caring for Vintage Laces

There's quite a bit of behind the scenes work
 that goes into
 creating dresses and gowns with vintage lace .

It begins with the treasure hunting for lace, which is always fun.

The next step is soaking, 
usually several times in delicate home made soaps.

Line drying and airing to maintain the integrity of the fabrics.

Ironing and organizing.

Dreaming and designing.

Beautifully romantic processes in my life 
always cause me to thoughtfully reflect
 on the process of growing
 and encouraging others to grow
 into all they should be.

So be a treasure hunter! 
Find beauty in history!
Everyone has a unique story, be quiet and listen. 
 Allow yourself to find beauty in the details.
Fine laces point to the beauty of the intricacies of life.
The way your life is delicately woven together with so many others.
If you think about it, there's beauty in work to be done,
 in the skills you possess or the ones you are learning. 
It's beautiful to be productive, to grow and to learn.

Sometimes that is really hard to accomplish. 
You have to be purposeful to find time to not be busy, but to stop and quiet yourself. 
Soaking in peace allows you to wash away all that doesn't belong in your heart,
all that's clouding your thoughts and tearing down your dreams. 
Soak in that peace repeatedly until your heart and mind are clear.

Then literally breath in the fresh air around you.

Be still.  
Breathing in life, 
deep into a grateful heart.

Then straighten and organize your thoughts and your plans, 
because now you are ready!

 Design your dreams, pray your prayers and joyfully create!

Be blessed! Happy wash day!

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