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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vintage Flower Girl Dress , Made with Love

When my dear friend asked me to help her with her daughters dress,
I wasn't sure what we would come up with.

Our oldest sons had been friends since kindergarten,  and now her son was getting married,  and her youngest daughter was to be the flower girl. Of course my heart was all in,  but my schedule was beyond full.

The wedding was going to be outside at a ranch in late spring.  She shared the color palette and some ideas.  Just at that time,  I was falling in love with the idea of upcycling within my business. Repurposing has been "in my blood" as long as I can remember.  It was the only way Mom did just about anything,  creatively and frugally. When I shared  my vision of using vintage linens and laces to create dresses,  my friend gave me some very special pieces and asked if they might work.  These pieces seemed to be stained and slightly tattered,  but I told her I'd try.

I soaked and carefully worked the stains out of these delicate pieces. They were tea napkins and places mats that had belonged to her mom.  Her mom use to come out once a year and stay for a month,  so over the years,  while we raised our families,  I had the pleasure of getting to spend time with her mother.  She was one of those people who makes you feel as if she'd always known you and liked you.  She was delightful.

I prayed for her as she battled Graves Disease.  I mourned her loss and prayed comfort for my dear friend.

When these treasured linens came clean I was so excited.  Honored to work with her fabric,  excited to be able to create such a meaningful dress, I felt like I was helping their grandma to be at the wedding,  hugging her little flower girl, and smiling at the newlyweds.

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