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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lake Tahoe Jackpot! Beautifully Organized

This last summer we had the opportunity to enjoy a family vacation in Tahoe.
The days were truly relaxing. 
We had all of our kids with us, our two grandsons,
 and some friends joined us for a portion of the trip.
On one of our trips back from enjoying that amazing lake, we almost passed an estate sale. 
I made sure that didn't happen!

I acquired dozens of yards of vintage lace!
What a jack pot!
The collection was in great condition, but needed to be laundered and freshened up.
Yards and yards of lace in the laundry equals yards and yards of tangled mess.
I had my work cut out for me!
Here's how I was able to straighten and organize this beautiful mess.

I always try to.."Do what you can,  with what you have,  where you are. " 
Theodore Roosevelt

So I took some old file folders, glued them together and cut notches in both sides.

Then  I took some beautiful paper , which my dear friend had gifted me some time ago, 
it was just waiting for a project like this, and wrapped the folders up pretty.


Ready to organize.

My lace is easy to see now and easy to access.

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