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Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Spring Wedding Gown, Custom Creations Made with Love

This early spring has been so wonderfully full of new growth.
I've had a few custom gowns I've been working on and wanted to share about each gown and the process of creating them.

This particular gown was made for a bride who contacted me because she loved my style and trusted I could create what she was envisioning.

After getting to know her,  and her love story,  I was able to gather the necessary elements she was trying to convey.

Her key ideas were:
Lots of color

I was able to gather linen possibilities,  lace possibilities and confirm likes and dislikes through photos.

Once I started on this gown it was really hard to pull myself away,  it was such a joy to work on.
So much preparation has gone into just getting to this point.  I have collected linens and laces for years, and recently have been collecting them specifically to use for this purpose.  Often times they are in need of much gentle cleaning and care before they can be used.
I just love putting these pieces together,  it's something that has been in my heart creatively since I was a girl.

I spent hours considering color and shape placement,  and rearranged several times before feeling peaceful with the final design.

Once the embroidered pieces were placed,  
vintage laces were hand cut and carefully placed to visually connect all the various linens.  Layering the laces and completely covering the bodice makes for a visual feast.
Finally,  I've created a visual canvas by adding a back to the corset
 on which I personally hand embroidered the stag she requested, 
once again cutting and layering vintage laces to make a one of  a kind dress.
This bride will be taking her vows outside and enjoying her special day in her own unique way,  and it was such an honor to create a dress so specific  and as distinct as she is.

I thought having the bodice modeled with a few skirt options would be helpful to future brides.

Photography courtesy of Christine Dibble Photography

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