Alternative Wedding Gowns created with vintage lace and fabrics. A portion of the proceeds are given to Destiny Rescue to rescue children from human trafficking.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Vintage Girls Dresses, Upcycling and Shopping with aPurpose

Welcome to Hopefully Romantic, thanks for visiting.
 My vintage lace flower girls dresses were born
 out of more than an appreciation for Shabby Chic Style. 
They're much more.
Whether you are planning on purchasing one 
or just enjoying looking around, 
I hope you'll be inspired by the heart behind the work.

All the fabrics used for these upcycled dresses
I firmly believe in second chances, 
and would encourage every heart to be merciful
 and help someone out with a second chance. 
I wouldn't be where I am now
if it weren't for being given a second chance.

Many of the laces are hand crocheted, by someone who didn't sit idly, 
but chose to do something with their hands 
when there were a few spare moments in the day. 
It took time to learn to crochet, determination and patience to accomplish the work.
 I love including these priceless pieces in my dresses 
and hope that the girl who wears it will be  
encouraged and inspired to be both creative and industrious .

All my treasured fabric and lace finds are hand washed and cared for , with the hope that most of the work will be salvaged to be included in a beautiful new creation. I think it's a beautiful lesson to teach young ladies to see the potential of reusing and repurposing, and being thrifty with what they have.

                                       Valuing hand made clothing verses a factory made 

is like enjoying mom's home baked pie versus a frozen one. 
It can be rare now a days, 
but many people still know the value of hand made and heart made. 
There certainly is a place for the factory, however researching the clothing industry 
may turn your heart to considering hand made articles more often, 
and impart important truths 
about the value of honest work to the next generation of women.

Blessings friends!

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